Once upon a time, the ability to target ads at individual linear households was confined to just two minutes of local cable air-time per hour.

But new services have expanded the addressable ad opportunity. As a result, addressable TV is coming out of the shadows.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, WarnerMedia Ad Sales VP of product marketing and market research Elsa Blumberg explains how the opportunity is evolving.

Multi-tactic addressable

“The marketplace used to see addressable TV as more of a lower-funnel (marketing) tactic while linear gave them the ability to achieve their overall brand goals,” Blumberg says.

“But now what we’re seeing is this evolution – addressable is becoming more of a mid- and upper-funnel tactic. Brands and agencies are using it to improve their reach and frequency and their linear ad buys as well.

“But they also want to attribute their ad spend to business outcomes, and they want to deliver more relevant, personalized advertising. So addressable TV still extends to lower funnel tactics as well.”

Survey results

Blumberg says the results of a new research survey prove it.

The Era Of Addressable survey of 522 ad-buying decision makers – commissioned from Forrester by DISH Media, Cadent, Canoe, Comscore, INVIDI Technologies, LiveRamp, Verizon Media, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia – shows advertiers are “applying addressable TV across the full customer lifecycle”:

“Brands and agencies see addressable TV as valuable for driving outcomes across the customer lifecycle — from discovery and engagement to purchase to post-purchase support and relationship-building.”

Blumberg is heartened that advertisers are “really leaning into addressable TV”:

  • “Nearly half of advertisers are looking to optimize their media, their strategies for emerging media channels.”
  • “One in three advertisers expressed a need to better understand their audiences to improve ROI, to improve attribution.”

Tackle complexity

But she, like many connected with the opportunity, acknowledges some of its inherent complexities.

Blumberg says buyers are calling for standardized measurement solutions, across a segment that is plagued by a proliferating number of viewing services, buying methods and measurement options.

The survey found ad buyers calling for:

  • Simplify buying and managing campaigns across suppliers (66%).
  • Interoperability among MVPDs (74%); technology partners (93%)
  • Single measurement standard from media companies (92%)

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