Addressable television is a key priority for marketers that aim to personalize their advertising among different households that watch the same programming, a new survey suggest. Almost half (46%) of brands and agencies said optimizing emerging channels is their top priority in 2021, according to a survey by Forrester Consulting published today.

Dish Media, the advertising sales group of satellite and over-the-top TV provider Dish Network, is among the companies that commissioned Forrester to evaluate the current and future state of addressable TV strategies in the report titled, “The Transformation of Television: Embracing the Era of Addressable TV.”

“While there’s been a significant amount of innovation and strong collaboration over the years, and lots of conversation within the television industry around what we can collectively do to move addressable forward, it simply hasn’t been enough,” Kevin Arrix, senior vice president of Dish Media, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

“If we don’t put a stronger effort towards acceleration of addressable, then we won’t realize the full opportunity that we have in front of us,” he said. “The business overall is moving more and more towards data-driven, impression-based measured media — and addressable TV is all that.”

A top priority is making addressable advertising easier for marketers and agencies to reach bigger scale, with 100% of them saying they had experienced at least one challenge in that goal, the study found. Cadent, Canoe, Comscore, Invidi Technologies, LiveRamp, Verizon Media, ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia joined Dish in sponsoring the report.

“If we can start to align more broadly across distributors, across measurement companies, across programmers, across data partnerships that these items need to be addressed — and make progress on them — we will see the market share of addressable television grow significantly,” Arrix said.

The Forrester study also found that 92% of advertisers and agencies want a single measurement standard from media companies, and 93% want greater interoperability among their technology partners. Meanwhile, 66% said they want to simplify buying and managing campaigns across suppliers, and 65% want to see increased scale for addressable ads.

“We need to embrace new technology, we need to embrace interoperability. We need to help evolve data and measurement,” Arrix said. “We need to clearly do a better job educating the marketplace as to the benefits and processes of addressable television.”

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