After 11 sessions, audience debate and a reception at the new headquarters of GroupM Worldwide at f the World Trade Center, what did it all boil down to?

On August 7, Beet.TV convened executives from advertising, media and technology companies for Beet Retreat in the City, “We’re Going Local!”, an afternoon of hashing-out how new technology can help local TV grow ad spend by giving advertisers new performance super-powers.

What did it add up to? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ashley Swartz, Furious Corp CEO, who moderated a panel at the event, offers up her takeaways…

1. Collaboration

“There was a unified consensus within all of the large companies that participated here. It requires that we all work together to make it easier for buyers to buy and easier for buyers to aggregate audiences and make sure that they are reaching unique audiences in every dollar they spend.”

2. Data insights

“What I got to at the end of the great sessions in the panels … was that data is not just about driving dollars and targeting and actually execution of addressable. It’s really about taking a step back and leveraging data ultimately to enhance the value of the ecosystem.”

3. Protect this house

“(There is a need to) protect the preciousness of your audiences and ensure that television continues to rise above the noise that is digital … The things that make television great need to be protected while we move into this new world of data-driven television.”

4. Content still matters

“It is about programming. Even if you’re reaching the right audience, that audience is not captive. If you don’t have them at that moment of time … regardless of how precise and targeted the data with which you decided to reach that person at that moment, it doesn’t matter if they’re not actually engaged and paying attention.”

This video is part of a series from the Beet Retreat in the City, “We’re Going Local!” hosted by GroupM Worldwide and sponsored by Amobee, Comcast Spotlight, TVSquared and WideOrbit.   Please visit this page for additional segments.