As TV advertisers start demanding to buy ads from which they can expect real business outcomes like sales, how can vendors in the chain best deliver?

Attribution technology is rising in prominence, as programmers seek ways to show agencies the effectiveness of new-wave, data-fuelled advanced TV ads.

But an executive at the center of the emerging capability says a foundational element before attribution is ensuring that ad creative can be placed for the right viewers in the first place.

“Everyone always wants to look at sales,” says Brian Wallach, FreeWheel SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Advanced TV, in this video interview with Beet.TV. “And if you’re a publicly traded company, you’re looking at sales quarterly, and some companies weekly and daily.

“From a business perspective, the media and advertising industry has really been about matching up audience with an advertiser’s message. And I still think, foundationally, the attribution plays a role in it, but our job in the ecosystem is to make it as easy as possible to find those audiences. Yes, using data, and then (to) deliver that message whatever screen the consumer’s watching on.

“I think if we do our job of matching up those audiences, the outcomes will be what the outcomes need to be, based on that creative, and that messaging, and that offer, and the value prop that the marketer is presenting to all of us as consumers.”

He was speaking with Janet Balis, global leader of EY’s media and entertainment practice.

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