Across the industry, TV companies are moving to respond to advertisers’ growing demand to change the way they buy. Increasingly, ad buyers want to be guaranteed outcomes based on their actual campaign outcomes.

But, with different advertisers each having unique different outcomes and measurement metrics for them, how can a TV platform manage the proliferating burden?

An ad-tech exec serving TV publishers says they must go beyond the now-accepted obsession with data.

“I think (the industry has) a lot of understanding that targeting data is important and necessary,” says Stacy Daft, Amobee GM, Enterprise Commercial Business Development, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“But almost as important as that is an understanding of what the competing KPIs and metrics are for all of the clients you’re trying to satisfy across your scarce inventory pool.

“That problem set requires an understanding of not just the target segment that’s being used and asked for by a client, but that of all of the other competing campaigns.”

Amobee is a media management software provider helping in the yse of data for planning, transacting, measuring and analyzing ads across TV, digital and social.

Amobee, whose TV initiatives took off thanks to its earlier acquisition of Videology Group, helps advertisers buy and sell across 30-second connected TV and other video inventory.

The latest imperative Daft is describing sounds like a game of 4D chess.

She says: “You need to understand the audience overlap, you need to be able to understand what’s been committed and sold to to date.

“And then you need to be able to forecast and understand the fluctuations in the viewership, and the changes in terms of the volumes that you’re going to be seeing in order to be able to confidently determine ‘How much inventory do I need to set aside for my addressable campaigns versus how much inventory do I need to reserve to satisfy my traditional linear?’

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