How do you generate more revenue when one of your main customer groups is turning away in droves? Offer something wonderful to your other key customer group.

As US TV viewership declines, more companies are coming to think of the new capability of advanced viewer targeting as a way to ratchet up advertiser value from those viewers who remain.

“Generating incremental ratings is very hard because of the hyper-competitive environment with SVOD and other other forms,” says Howard Shimmel of Janus Strategy & Insights in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“What addressability allows a media company to do is potentially drive some new top line revenue, even if their ratings may be going down. So, now is a time the market needs to move fast.”

Shimmel is an ad veteran of AOL, Nielsen and Turner who has now formed his own consultancy.

He says three trends have recently commingled to light up a new opportunity for television – traditionally, a top-of-funnel, brand-building marketing channel – as a performance ad medium, one which can generate and measure real brand outcomes…

  1. The data exists to do true attribution“: “We’re blessed … we actually have the datasets that go across a lot of different advertiser verticals.”
  2. Attribution at scale“: “There are great companies in the attribution space who are either using single-source data or using regression analyses to be able to actually provide attribution at scale to support the industry need.”
  3. Guarantees on sales: “TV networks realised it was important to be able to match (Google and Facebook’s) capabilities. A lot of different media companies – Warner Media, A&E Networks, NBC – they’re actually now starting to do deals where the guarantees are not age, sex impression, exposure delivery, but actual sales.”

Shimmel was speaking ahead of Beet Retreat in the City, “We’re Going Local!”, an event at which he will be a moderator.

This video is part of a series from the Beet Retreat in the City, “We’re Going Local!” hosted by GroupM Worldwide and sponsored by Amobee, Comcast Spotlight and TVSquared. Please visit this page for additional segments.