Amid all the hubbub about “omni-channel” marketing, if there’s one agency that should be best placed to execute on the opportunity, it is surely the one with “omni” in its very company name.

As if that was not enough, however, Omnicom Group has just launched a new software suite for delivering a single-customer-view across all channels? Its name? “Omni.”

What is Omni? According to the agency’s announcement, “a people-based precision marketing and insights platform, designed to identify and define personalized consumer experiences at scale across creative, media, CRM as well as other Omnicom practice areas”.

It’s designed to give Omnicom teams work on insights generation, audience building, channel planning, creative development and message distribution, and is based on a people-based identity graph built from personal data providers including Neustar, LiveRamp and Experian among several others.

“All together, bringing that together around the customer profile is going to yield outcomes,” says Omnicom Digital CEO Jonathan Nelson, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

It’s the latest initiative from agencies that are scrambling to try to know their individual audiences and their behavior, despite the modern reality that audiences have fragmented across multiple devices and channels.

Nelson goes on to describe how Omni has been formed: “We batched all the Annelect tools together, brought in dynamic messaging, databases from the precision marketing groups out of the house – most of which, if not all of which, have been in use before – along with some new tools that we’ve been developing like what we call the Inventory Graph, which is we’ve mapped quite a bit of programmatic inventory.”

At the core, it’s all about understanding audiences better.

Specifically, Nelson says he wants to understand them at the “subatomic level, which is individual consumers, (which) allows us to ladder back up into clusters of segments of behavior clusters of whatever you want”.