The world of ad-tech is tipping steadily from platforms that are managed by vendors for clients, to those that clients use themselves, and AOL is the latest provider to move with the tide.

AOL has just turned on self-service capability for the supply-side platform inside its AOL ONE digital advertising offering.

It makes it easier for small-scale app developers to sign up and start taking ads from hundreds of demand sources they can select.

Whilst AOL ONE has traction with big app publishers, this self-service platform is “built for developers launching their first app”, the company says.

“Many app developers and publishers use upwards of 15 different pieces of technology,” Matt Gillis, SVP of publisher platforms at AOL, tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “We’re trying to simplify that and give them one.

“They want their hands on the keyboard. Publishers can log in to the platform, set up all their own placements, download our SDK and work with us to monetise their sites and ads.

“It enables transparency and controls for app developers, to understand who the advertisers are that are advertising in the product, give them brand safety controls to ensure the ads running in the apps are what they want their customers to see.”

Gillis claims 20 new app publishers signed up to the platform on launch day, three days ago. Amongst them is Glu, maker of the Kardashian series of mobile games.

The move to self-serve gathered pace this week when Time Inc’s Viant acquired Adelphic, a self-service mobile ad platform serving the demand side of the equation.