Time was, it was online delivery that required investment decisions and a strategic shift. But now, for broadcasters looking for efficiency and transformation in how to deliver live TV, online networks are the way to go.

Thats according to Verizon Digital Media Services, a wing of the telco that offers CDN and live transmission services to providers branching out from their traditional platforms.

“We’re going to see an uptick in more live linear events than people thought,” according to Verizon Digital Media Services(VDM) president Ralf Jacob. “A lot of people said linear’s dead – quite the opposite is actually happening. More and more broadcasters are flocking in to the online world because of the simplicity the service provides.”

What is the boost? Jacob explains: “If you can deliver TV signals to the masses and don’t have to deal with satellite uplink and downlink, there are advantages – not just cost advantages but workflow simplifications.”

VDM has been upgrading its Uplynk live service software with a range of enhancements this year.

The company’s services have been powering Heart Television channels‘ online news streams since June. With AOL now part of the wider Verizon entity, the empire is growing.

“Two and a half years ago, nobody knew what Verizon Digital Media Services stood for,” Jacob adds. “Today, we are the go-to partner when they want to do something live or linear.