Mark D’Arcy thinks we are living through the most fertile era for creativity in eight decades. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks we should simply get more creative.

The chief creative officer of Facebook’s Creative Shop sees an “extraordinary opportunity” to “transform entire industries”.

His group is a team of brand marketers, creative directors and strategists who build ideas to help clients grow their business, building tools, processes and creatives to make ad experiences sing.

“A lot of people always pursue these things by saying,” D’Arcy tells Beet.TV in this video interview. ‘We need to be more creative’.

“Creativity, when I got into the business, was a very focused group of people who lived within a certain single set of businesses called creative agencies. What we have seen … is the fragmentation of creative sources, of clients aggregating creativity from a multitude of different sources.

“Lots of different people have ideas. We don’t need to be ‘more creative’, we need to be more connected. Because there’s a lot of very bright people in a lot of different areas around a brand or a brand idea that need to come together to bring that idea not just to life, but to scale it.”

In May, Facebook’s Creative Shop announced it would team with Digitas Studios to make “built-for-feed’ content, including Rise & Shine, a morning talk show with local weather, workouts, recipes and more.


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