Don’t Get More Creative, Get More Connected: Facebook’s D’Arcy

Mark D’Arcy thinks we are living through the most fertile era for creativity in eight decades. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks we should simply get more creative. The chief creative officer of Facebook’s Creative Shop sees an “extraordinary opportunity” to “transform entire industries”. His group is a team of brand marketers, creative directors and strategists […]


Welcome To The Next Big Creative Revolution, Says Grey’s Dahlqvist

Time and time again, Swedes emerge as some of the most creative people on the planet. Andreas Dahlqvist is no different. He founded DDB in Sweden and the Nordics in 2004. Under his leadership, the Gunn Report ranked the shop as the best creative agency in the region and the best digital and interactive agency […]


How To Cut Through With Facebook Video, By McCann’s Bryan

It is a tremendous new advertising opportunity – but agencies are going to have to think a little differently if they want to get results from using video advertising on Facebook. That’s the message the social network itself has been pushing out to agencies in the last few months, and agencies appear to be getting the […]


TV Ad Creativity Flows from “Unlimited Time” in the Social Sphere: FCB’s Credle

By her own employer’s admission, Susan Credle is a real-life “Peggy Olson”. By all accounts, the global chief creative officer of FCB’s career bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the fictional Mad Men character, once rising from the bottom of BBDO to become its creative chief. “They said ‘we’ll pay you $11,500 to fill in […]


Facebook Feeds Are The Opposite Of TV Ads: Saatchi’s Figueira

LONDON — Advertising creatives schooled for a world of TV spots are going to have to think very differently in the age of newsfeed messaging. That’s according to one such exec who offers this fantastic observation to Beet.TV. “The social news feed is your personal curation of what’s going on – you just jump in, ‘what’s […]


Amid Platform Proliferation, Storytelling Endures: VML’s Wente

Advertising is changing faster, perhaps, than it ever has. Today, new platforms offer a new creative palette for agencies to make messages – and new challenges present limitations on their scope. Underneath all that change, however, lays the kernel of the same, enduring construct – storytelling. That’s according to an agency creative who has devised campaigns for […]


Customized Facebook Creative More Effective, BBDO’s Ordonez Says

As they approach Facebook for clients, it would be easy for a lazy agency to simply re-trot the creative assets they had already produced for legacy media or other digital outlets. But that would be missing the point – new channels demand new approaches, and new approaches reward creatives, according to one advertising leader. “Every time they […]


Creative Rules Don’t Stand Still, Says FCB’s Credle

You may think that the rules governing creativity for distinct, mature media – once codified – are set. Truth is, everything is in a state of evolution and flux, and creative agencies must adapt to whatever works next. Once upon a time, early cinema, for example, relied on a single tracking shot – then the notion of […]


Be Authentic, Transparent & Change The World: Arnold’s Elliott

Sure, ad agencies can try and sell stuff to consumers – but they can also change the whole world. That’s according to one agency creative chief watching a world of change open up new opportunities – for brands that are prepared to communicate honestly. “Never before has advertising been such a part of culture,” Arnold global chief creative […]


How Facebook Feedback Keeps Brands Honest: JWT’s Eastwood

Once upon a time, in the age before feedback and media choice, advertisers could simply push out messaging without much regard to the viewpoints of viewers who were captive by default. All that has changed in an era when the consumer feedback loop has closed, and a warm reception by users is a prerequisite. “People […]


You Must Have A World View, Droga5’s Royer Tells Brands

Ted Royer has travelled a lot. In his 20-year marketing career, the chief creative officer of independent ad network Droga5 has worked in Singapore, Argentina, Australia and finally New York City. How has marketing changed in that time? Marketing is no longer just about messages, it’s also about opinions, Royer tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “It’s not […]


To Change The World, You Need A World View: TBWA’s Garbutt

He started out as a graduate graphic designer in South Africa – but, today, Chris Garbutt thinks the skills required to effectively portray a brand in the world go far beyond the visual. The global creative president of the big TBWA media agency says: “Brands need to ladder up to having a point of view in the […]


Creativity Is The Only Way To Survive: Advice From McCann’s Bryan

If the old age of advertising was about pushing sales messages to viewers, the current one is about involving them in conversations in which they end up really caring about the speaker or cause behind the message. That’s why the McCann agency operates with the mantra: “Creativity is the only way to survive.” It’s one Sean Bryan is on […]


Creatives Must Fit And Re-Fit Video For Mobile: Facebook’s D’Arcy

The great media thinker Marshall McLuhan once wrote: “Media come in pairs, with one acting as the “content” of the other, obscuring the operation of both.” In times of change, it is this which often means old-media content is rammed in to new media, like square pegs in a round hole. But now it’s time creatives […]