Agencies need to take the lead on data-driven solutions for more targeted television advertising as they seek ways to holistically plan and evaluate programmatic buys for their clients, according to the head of GroupM’s advanced TV unit.

MODI Media Managing Director Jamie Power cuts to the chase on any confusion about the term “programmatic” as it applies to TV. “With GroupM, the meaning of programmatic television is simply applying data to television,” Power says in an interview with Beet.TV.

She discusses MODI’s work with companies like FourthWall Media, which aggregates viewing information from a range of cable providers, and TiVo, which invented the digital video recorder and gleans viewer data from its own set-top boxes. MODI takes those companies’ data and applies multiple third-party data sets to inform media planning and buying.

Because multichannel video programming distributors don’t easily give up insights about their viewing households, Power describes TiVo data as the holy grail.

“What we like about the TiVo platform we’re able to take a client’s entire schedule and optimize it, versus optimizing a piece on this MVPD and a piece on this MVPD,” Power says. “We’d rather get a holistic view and be able to extract as much value out of the inventory for our clients.”

Noting the preponderance of presentations during this year’s media Upfronts and Newfronts events, Power cites as one takeaway the TV networks having come out with different data-driven approaches.

“The only way for us to drive value for our clients is if the agency takes the onus on the data and we can fully optimize their entire portfolio versus a very tactical piece by piece approach,” Power says.

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