NBCU’s Wurtzel: The Olympics Represent A ‘Research Dream’

If self-proclaimed “research geek” Alan Wurtzel could create a new Olympic sport, it might very well be called Synchronized Cross-Platform Measurement. In the walkup to the Summer Games in Rio, the president of Research & Media Development at NBCUniversal says the Olympics are a unique opportunity to glimpse the future behavior of viewers. NBCU has […]


TiVo Research: The “Switzerland” Of TV Viewing Intelligence

TiVo Research might well be considered the Switzerland of TV viewing intelligence, offering a neutral view of linear viewing. “We don’t have a horse in the game so to speak,” says Mark Risis, Head of Strategy & Business Development, in an interview with Beet.TV. “We do not skew our results to favor our own media […]


Cardlytics: From Mobile Banking To Television Audience Targeting

Founded by two former Capital One executives, Cardlytics knows what’s in your wallet—actually, your online banking transactions. Not quite 10 years old, Cardlytics has progressed from facilitating brand interaction with online banking customers to the world of television advertising. Among other things, it now works with companies like TiVo and with multichannel video program distributors […]


NinthDecimal: Trillions Of Location Data Points Fuel Richer TV Targeting

If you want more precise television audience targeting, why stop at just addressable households, with their limited scale? With more than 1.5 trillion monthly consumer location data points, NinthDecimal says it can bring richer audience targeting not only to addressable but also to linear and programmatic TV. “The value proposition is we’re helping anybody that […]


Agencies Must Lead ‘Holistic’ Data-Driven TV: MODI Media’s Power

Agencies need to take the lead on data-driven solutions for more targeted television advertising as they seek ways to holistically plan and evaluate programmatic buys for their clients, according to the head of GroupM’s advanced TV unit. MODI Media Managing Director Jamie Power cuts to the chase on any confusion about the term “programmatic” as […]


Magna Global’s Cohen On The ‘Big Bad Digital Bear’ And Multi-Source Data

Cross-screen viewing of television and video content, which were dominant themes during recent Upfront and Newfront media company presentations, drive home the need for a variety of data sources. “The key message,” says Magna Global North America President David Cohen, “is we are in a world where a single-source provider simply is not sufficient based […]


NBCUniversal Promoting Cross-Platform Measurement Competition

When popular network television programs lose credit for well over one million viewers because time-shifting isn’t fully measured, calling cross-platform video consumption disruptive “is not even doing it justice,” says the head of research and media development at NBCUniversal. In an interview with Beet.TV, Alan Wurtzel reveals the extent to which consumer viewing choices have […]


Turner Arms Itself With Analytics And Research To Counter TV Budget Raiders

It its ongoing counteroffensive against digital video companies raiding television advertising budgets, companies like Turner Broadcasting keep adding data and analytics armaments for more precise audience targeting. Then there studies the media giant has done with companies like TiVo Research documenting “massive” declines in return on investment for brands that cut their TV budgets. “The […]


TiVo Research: Programmatic TV Spend Could Rise To 10% Of Market In 12 Months

Sometimes, being early to a particular party isn’t a good thing. In the case of TiVo, inventor of the digital video recorder, it’s always had lots of second-by-second data about television viewing—today’s Holy Grail—but most of it was “bad news” about program skipping and fast-forwarding, says TiVo executive Tara Maitra. “We knew we had something […]