If you want more precise television audience targeting, why stop at just addressable households, with their limited scale? With more than 1.5 trillion monthly consumer location data points, NinthDecimal says it can bring richer audience targeting not only to addressable but also to linear and programmatic TV.

“The value proposition is we’re helping anybody that wants to think about their TV advertising budget in a new way,” says NinthDecimal President David Staas in an interview with Beet.TV.

NinthDecimal considers itself an independent, third-party measurement platform. Its Location Conversion Index partnership network consists of more than 155 partners that feed it information about some 135 million people. This fuels advertising campaign planning and performance measurement across a variety of media channels.

Those 1.5 trillion location data points help to create an audience foundation “to which then we can ad additional data sets on such as TV viewing data, purchase data and other data segments,” Staas says. “What that allows us to do is build this really rich understanding of an audience that works across different media channels.”

NinthDecimal worked with TiVo Research and Turner Broadcasting to quantify the impact of an advertising campaign for a major quick-serve restaurant brand that sponsored a sports event on Turner. When TV exposure data from TiVo was matched against NinthDecimal’s trove of offline consumer behavior data, a 15% lift in incremental foot traffic into the advertiser’s restaurants was attributed to the sponsorship.

In addition, the results revealed the TV campaign outperformed digital, delivering an incremental lift 2.9 percent higher than the QSR benchmark for mobile and desktop campaigns.

The same data can inform brands about their competitors TV audiences. “Now you can plan and execute a conquesting campaign in TV, which is something that’s never been possible before,” Staas says.

The Revolution in TV Measurement and Analytics, presented by Tivo Research