Television audience-targeting provider Simulmedia is moving into the commercial phase of a research initiative with Facebook that will enable advertisers to coordinate reach and frequency between campaigns on TV and social media.

Dave Morgan, CEO and Founder of Simulmedia, said it was possible that he would identify specific advertisers participating in the pilot test at the company’s PeopleFronts event today in Manhattan.

The initiative has roots in Morgan’s relationship with Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions, dating to her tenure as Chief Operating Officer of ad sales at Viacom’s MTVN unit. At the recent Advertising Research Foundation Rethink conference, they began talking about analyzing and matching campaign deliveries across TV and social.

“The research is great, talking about the unduplicated reach for an advertiser when they are on TV or on Facebook,” Morgan says. “We’re talking a true match, not just approximations or segmentations or models.”

There are several immediate benefits for brand marketers seeking to coordinate reach and frequency.

“You may want to take advantage of the expanded combined reach of TV and Facebook or other social media and reduce redundant frequency,” Morgan explains. “Or you may be trying to launch a new product and you actually want a lot of redundant and complementary frequency being built.”

Additionally, brands can understand the kind of content people like and use that learning to better target ads on Facebook.

“Or, vice versa, taking the kinds of segmentations and kinds of things that they like or are interested in people on Facebook and making sure you could use their active audience segmentations in targeting TV ads,” Morgan says.

We interviewed him in New York for the Simulmedia PeopleFront conference where he was a speaker. Please find more video interviews from the PeopleFront event right here. Simulmedia sponsored this series.

Simulmedia's PeopleFront 2016