Campbell’s Marketing Chief: Television Becoming More Like Digital

With digital technology helping to advance the goal of more precisely targeted television ads, the traditional marketing mix of art and science has become more balanced with regard to the scientific element. For Yin Woon Rani, VP of U.S. Marketing for Campbell’s, the advent of digital advertising has raised marketers’ expectations of what is measurable, […]


Granular TV Deals Help Matrixx Target Seasonal, Need-Based Consumers

With very specific need-based and seasonal consumer targets for its Zicam family of cold and allergy relief products, Matrixx Initiatives puts a portion of its media spend into buys made outside of the traditional big demographic television data blocks. The company is assisted in this targeting effort by Simulmedia, along with sales and incidence data […]


Fox’s Bernard Hails Facebook-Simulmedia Venture For Social And TV R&F

The ability to coordinate audience reach and frequency between social media and television—typified by the partnership of Facebook and Simulmedia—represents a “transitional point” to Fox Broadcasting in its quest to reach the best prospects for its programming. While attending the annual PeopleFront event conducted by Simulmedia, Fox’s EVP of Marketing, Laurel Bernard, likes the reasoning […]


TV Ad Veteran Tim Spengler Hails New Audience Targeting Methods

Tim Spengler, who has been buying media at major advertising and media agencies since the 1980’s, says data supporting the placement of television ads used to be “a blunt instrument” but doesn’t have to be anymore because of the more granular data now available. Still settling into his role as CEO of Fuisz Video, spent […]


Forget Cord-Cutting, Subscribers Stick With The Skinny Bundle, Wieser Says

Remember cord cutting? Once upon a time, observers thought the rise of online video delivery would lead to mass cable and satellite TV cancellations. Sure, more than 1.1 million households cut the cord last year, according to a new Convergence Consulting report. But consistent data is hard to find. Nielsen April estimates suggest a 1.7% decline in […]


ARF Research Shows The More Platforms The Better For Advertising ROI

The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) has a simple message for brand marketers wondering about the return on investment of their advertising dollars: the more platforms the better. And it has more than a decade of research to prove it. Among the ARF’s How Advertising Works initiatives is what it calls its Ground Truth experiments, one of which […]


Hulu Sees Cablevision Channel Deal Advancing More Relevant Advertising

As Northeast cable giant Cablevision Systems completes the rollout of dedicated channel access to Hulu across its entire subscriber footprint, it’s another step in the evolution of data-driven advertising delivery. Since the deal was announced a year ago, Hulu has been available as channel 605 only in select Cablevision service areas. Now that all of […]


Neustar’s MarketShare Teams With Simulmedia For Ad Analysis

When marketing data and analytics company Neustar acquired the marketing technology company MarketShare Partners for $450mn last year, it was to bolster its ability to plan, optimize and allocate marketing spending in a changing, multi-channel world. Now the combined company is spreading its wings. “I’ve never seen such good identity-level data,” MarketShare co-founder and CEO Wes Nichols, now Neustar’s chief […]


Judgement Day For Ad-Tech? Kawaja On Investor Withdrawal

The company logo lumascapes for advertising and marketing technology platforms have got so crowded in recent years, it can sometimes be hard to figure out who’s who. So, is the segment due a shake-out? Investment in ad-tech has receded a little from the frenetic dash of a couple of years ago, as the performance of certain newly-public […]


Nielsen: Deal For DISH Network Viewer Data Provides More Granular Insights

Nielsen’s recently announced deal to glean audience data from DISH Network will give advertisers a more granular look at who’s watching television programs—particularly lower-rated shows—and who is being exposed to commercials, according to Nielsen President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Hasker. Nielsen is getting return path data from some 13 million households that are DISH […]


Simulmedia, Facebook to Advance Reach & Frequency Coordination Across TV And Social

Television audience-targeting provider Simulmedia is moving into the commercial phase of a research initiative with Facebook that will enable advertisers to coordinate reach and frequency between campaigns on TV and social media. Dave Morgan, CEO and Founder of Simulmedia, said it was possible that he would identify specific advertisers participating in the pilot test at […]


Former Times Exec Zimbalist Brings His Digital Learning To Simulmedia

Bringing linear television into the cross-channel, people-centric marketing world requires not only the mining of a plethora of consumer data but an entirely different mindset when it comes to the role of TV in the media mix. This is one reason why former New York Times digital veteran Michael Zimbalist believes that the way TV […]


On Eve Of Annual Event, Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan Reflects On ‘People Stitching’

The original concept of addressable television dating to the late 1970’s, that of a huge, siloed offering and accompanying multi-billion-dollar infrastructure, is far from the current working reality. “You don’t have to change the ad at every TV and every set-top box to deliver a massively improved and measureable ad,” says Dave Morgan, CEO and […]