FreeWheel, a pioneering adtech company  that enables many of the world’s leading digital video publishers manage dynamic ad insertion, has unveiled a solution that allows insertion into linear television.

The company is making available its Hybrid Linear Digital Ad-Scheduler (HyLDA), a program that enables premium video publishers to plan, optimize and manage live content using a combination of spot scheduling and dynamic ad insertion.  The company expects it to be released in Q2 2016.

For an overview on the new product, we interviewed Brian Dutt, VP of Strategic Development at FreeWheel.    Dutt defines linear both as traditional cable programming and IP-delivered “TV Everywhere” content.

While dynamic ad insertion for legacy cable operators will take time to overcome operational issues, dynamic ad insertion into IP delivered content is ripe for the solution and adds that live sports programming will be its biggest market.

FreeWheel is a wholly-owned unit of Comcast.