Embracing the Intersection of Premium CTV and Programmatic: FreeWheel’s Loria

Programmatic advertising has been steadily migrating from its web display origins to the new connected TV (CTV) screen. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel, says she has noticed an uptick in enthusiasm. But, still, there is work to be done to take programmatic to the heights Loria believes it […]


Creating a Great Multiplatform Experience Helps Everyone: FreeWheel’s Mark McKee

Next week’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity comes after a period of massive upheaval for the media and marketing industries that sped up longer-term shifts. The pandemic led to greater consumer adoption of internet-connected television, and media companies raced to differentiate their streaming services with vast libraries of movies and TV shows. More recently, […]


Experience Is Everything: FreeWheel’s Loria On Delighting Streaming TV Viewers

As consumer adoption of free ad-supported television (FAST) channels rises at a meteoric pace, it is crucial for industry stakeholders to ensure a uniform quality advertising experience across the diverse array of platforms. That’s the opinion of one executive whose software is helping TV networks move into the future. In this video interview with research […]


The ‘Triple Win’: FreeWheel’s Loria Sees Half Of OTT Growth From ‘Astronomical’ FAST TV

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The media business pendulum may now be around half-way between subscription video and free streaming TV. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel, says 50% of growth in over-the-top TV viewing is coming from FAST – free, ad-supported TV services. Loria says that is going […]


How To Help Programmatic TV Take Off: FreeWheel’s Loria

SANTA MONICA — Data-driven and automated selling of streaming TV ads is growing. But if programmatic wants to hit higher heights in tv, it will have to shake-off its origin story. That is according to one TV ad-tech exec in close contact with money movements. Programmatic take-off “Programmatic wasn’t built for premium video – it […]


FreeWheel’s Multi-ID Matching Game Defrags The Industry In Cannes

CANNES – If Cannes Lions was about creativity, now it’s also about connectivity. At the festival in the south of France, ad-tech firm FreeWheel launched new integrations allowing advertisers and publishers to match their own first-party IDs to commonly-used ID technologies’. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Christopher Glover, VP, Marketing, FreeWheel, explains the news. […]


Voices from the #BeetRetreat: David Levy, Dave Clark, Kelly Metz, Denise Colella, Zach Rodgers and Jon Watts

Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast podcast. We are bringing you these voices from the Beet Retreat last month in Santa Monica. Wonderful insights on what’s next for our industry. In this podcast, we are sharing these chats between David Levy, CEO OpenAP with moderator Jon Watts, and FreeWheel’s GM Dave Clark with moderator […]


At the Beet Retreat, Industry Can Collaborate To Solve & Grow: FreeWheel’s Clark

For many people, the last couple of years has been a torrid time. For the TV, video and advertising industry, it has been a period when new consumer behaviors were solidified. Now that the darkness is easing, players are emerging into the light with a renewed impetus – if they want to capitalize on the […]


Finding Success While Feeling “Alone,” My Conversation with Pooja Midha

Very happy to have our colleague and friend Pooja Midha, Chief Growth Officer of Comcast Advertising, on this episode of the #BeetCast podcast. Pooja is a veteran of senior advanced TV roles at Viacom, Disney and as CEO of trueX until earlier this year. For all of us, it’s been a challenging time during the […]


FreeWheel’s New Tech Splits TV Ad Impressions: Wallace

Is it a targeted TV ad, swapped-out in a slot carved out for addressability, or is it a traditional linear TV ad, the same one that was always destined to be played out? Thanks to a new technology that brings control to how commercial breaks are constructed, the answer could be either. In this video […]


Pooja Midha Joins Comcast Advertising, Following Her “North Star” to TV Transformation

Pooja Midha, a longtime advanced TV executive at MTV and Disney, and most recently CEO of true[x], has joined Comcast Advertising as Chief Growth Officer, a new position, the company announced on Thursday. We sat down with her  to talk about her vision o the industry and her decision to join Comcast. She speaks about […]


FreeWheel Buying Beeswax to Enable Publisher Audience Extension

Comcast-owned FreeWheel is continuing to expand its buy-side offering by announcing its acquisition of Beeswax. Beeswax offers a “bidder-as-a-service“, a DSP-like ad-buying software that sits in buyers’ own clouds and uses a software-as-a-service pricing model. In this video interview with Beet.TV, FreeWheel general manager Dave Clark explains the rationale behind the acquisition, and how he […]


FreeWheel Unifies Direct, Programmatic TV Buys

Comcast’s FreeWheel is releasing a capability that unifies the way it handles decision making for TV commercials bought both directly through traditional media sales channels and via programmatic technology. NBCUniversal, also owned by Comcast, and The Trade Desk, a large demand-side buying platform, have both signed up to use FreeWheel’s new unified decisioning. In a statement from […]


Blockchain Can Ease Connected TV Ad Tax: Manningham

SAN JUAN, PR — In the not-to-distant future, blockchain-enabled technology could help TV advertisers more accurately measure the effectiveness of their ads and reduce fees paid to intermediaries. That is the promise of Blockgraph, a division of Comcast’s FreeWheel that has been working on realizing the potential. The initiative was launched in December 2018, counting […]


Fireside Chat: The Future of Advanced TV Relies on Understanding Audiences

What has advanced TV’s journey been to this point and where is it headed? A panel of industry leaders moderated by Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail explored both of these questions. Despite industry predictions that advanced TV would have long ago hit its inflection point, it has still yet to truly peak. “There’s a lot […]


Teamwork & Standards Needed For Advanced TV Scale: FreeWheel’s Clark

The technology isn’t the hard bit, the hard bit is getting everyone to use common standards. That is the growing refrain from advocates of advanced television advertising techniques like addressable targetability and frequency capping. They are witnessing a burgeoning set of technical capabilities, and a growing footprint of audiences with the devices to take advantage […]


Future TV Ads Are Converging: Amobee, FreeWheel, Zenith Execs Discuss

What is the future of TV advertising, now that buyers can deliver targeted campaigns to connected television devices, as well as to traditional linear audiences? That is what a panel of industry executives gathered to discuss at Beet Retreat In The City: Amobee – Philip Smolin, chief strategy officer FreeWheel – Joy Baer, president, FreeWheel […]


FreeWheel’s Rothwell Champions Ad-ID For Beating Fragmentation

FreeWheel and its premium-video advocacy group are putting their weight behind an initiative for the industry to adopt Ad-ID, in a bid to solve problems caused by media fragmentation. In this video interview with Beet.TV, James Rothwell, VP of global agency, brand and industry relations at Comcast Advertising, says the industry needs a universal ad ID to […]


Advanced TV Is Bringing Back Local Advertising: FreeWheel’s Wallach

Advanced TV doesn’t only concern the myriad streaming apps that are competing for customers’ attention. The industry’s shifts are changing the way traditional formats, like local television advertising, operate as well. According to Brian Wallach, svp and CRO of advanced TV at FreeWheel, which is owned by Comcast, local TV used to be the black […]


New TV Value Chain Must Play As A Team To Reach Scale: FreeWheel’s Baer

In a confusing sea of a hundred “point solutions”, you could forgive a client for ending up asking “what’s the point?” Case in point – the emerging world of connected TV offers huge potential for precision targeting, even marrying up that process with traditional linear TV buying. One of the leading technology suppliers helping deliver […]

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