FreeWheel Targets Dynamic Ad Insertion for Linear TV

FreeWheel, a pioneering adtech company  that enables many of the world’s leading digital video publishers manage dynamic ad insertion, has unveiled a solution that allows insertion into linear television. The company is making available its Hybrid Linear Digital Ad-Scheduler (HyLDA), a program that enables premium video publishers to plan, optimize and manage live content using a […]


TV Everywhere Grows Rapidly via Over-The-Top, Adobe’s Helfand

LAS VEGAS — Over-the-top devices are the fastest growing screens for watching content across platforms, says Jeremy Helfand, VP of Video Solutions at Adobe, in an interview with Beet.TV. “[Over-the-top] is no longer an experiment, but an expectation to watch content wherever and whenever you want,” he says. Adobe Primetime saw a 350% growth in the use […]


Authenticated Online Viewing Is Booming: FreeWheel’s Rooke

FORT LAUDERDALE — Online video viewing that requires consumers log in is growing, now that TV Everywhere services have popularized the notion. That is according to video ad tech platform FreeWheel, which expects to observe growth in its upcoming Q4 video monetization report. FreeWheel’s business solutions GM James Rooke expects “continued growth in viewing taking place behind the authentication […]


“TV Everywhere” Is Growing Fast, Despite Industry Perceptions, Adobe’s Foster

LAS VEGAS — “TV Everywhere“, the method through which US cable operators allow subscribers online viewing of their bundles, has become the industry’s “whipping boy,” Adobe’s Primetime product marketing director Campbell Foster says. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Foster channels the three main complaints levelled at the system – ranging from “accurate and fair […]


‘TV Everywhere’ Experience Must Be Harmonized: CTAM’s Britt

SAN FRANCISCO — TV subscribers want to be able to watch their programming digitally wherever they are. But creating a harmonious access point when the US’ patchwork market comprises dozens of different operators is a significant undertaking. Angie Britt, the advanced products VP at cable operators’ joint marketing association CTAM, says the sector-wide “TV Everywhere” initiative […]


UK’s BSkyB Sees A Third Of Subscribers Watch Mobile

The UK may not have a joint “TV Everywhere” initiative like that in the US – but subscription satellite TV and broadband operator  BSkyB is seeing mobile viewing boom despite (or perhaps because) of that. “We are seeing … a third of our customer base using ‘TV everywhere’ every month,” says BSkyB‘s business developer VP Hilary […]


Sports Is Catalyst For TV Everywhere Boom: Adobe’s Helfand

SAN FRANCISCO — The TV Everywhere system for allowing online viewers to watch channels from the US’ patchwork of cable operators is booming thanks to sports popularity. “We saw about a 250% increase in TV Everywhere streams this past quarter over the previous year,” says Adobe’s Primetime VP Jeremy Helfand. “Live sports has been a […]


Mobile, iOS Fuels Rapid Growth of “TV Everywhere,” Adobe Study

SAN FRANCISCO — Mobile devices, led by the Apple operating system, are fueling the spread of TV Everywhere, says Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst with Adobe Digital Index in this video interview. “The iOS app has surpassed the browser as the most common access point for TV Everywhere,” she says, sharing the details of a just-released study […]


IDC Analyst: Virtual Cable Next Step in TV Everywhere

Keep an eye out for “virtual cable” as a new variation on TV Everywhere and over-the-top experiences, says Greg Ireland, Research Manager at IDC in an interview with Beet.TV. “So far TV Everywhere today is fractured and inconsistent, across some different apps, with some linear, some live content, some on-demand content. It’s not a replication of everything I can […]


Adobe: TV Everywhere Homes Doubled in 2013

The number of pay-TV homes accessing TV Everywhere has doubled in the first nine months of 2013, says Jeremy Helfand, VP of Monetization at Adobe, during an interview with Beet.TV. Adobe launched its TV Everywhere platform, Adobe Primetime, earlier this year and now counts more than a dozen major media companies using the platform. The […]


Adobe: Ad Insertion Drives TV Everywhere

As TV Everywhere grows in usage, both client and server side ad technology can play their roles in driving monetization, says Jeremy Helfand, VP Adobe Primetime during an interview with Beet.TV. Adobe has recently added server side ad solution tools. Adobe’s Primetime platform has “baked in” both ad decisioning and ad serving into its TV Everywhere tools. […]


‘TV Everywhere’ is Growing Quickly, says Comcast’s thePlatform

Digital viewing of videos on digital devices by cable and satellite subscribers, known in industry parlance as TV Everywhere, is growing at a rapid clip this year, says Marty Roberts, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at thePlatform in an interview with Beet.TV at the recent VideoNuze event in New York. thePlatform is serving about 150 to […]


Beet Commentary: Cable Net Rebrands Underscore Supremacy of Content

The biggest fear in TV is unbundling, and that’s why the recent rebranding of several small cable channels should be watched closely by both providers and programmers, says Ashley Swartz, Founder and CEO of Furious Minds in her commentary on the state of the business. She points to the rebranding of six channels including News Corp.’s […]


Sweden’s Magine Seeks to Replace Cable Services w/ IPTV

CANNES – Magine promises TV delivery without cable, over the Internet. The Stockholm-based company gives subscribers access to cloud-based TV service. Beet.TV interviewed Michael Werner, chairman of Magine, at MIPTV. “We have developed Magine into a fully-integrated TV service,” Werner says. “We’re meaning to replace your cable network.” With Magine, watching television becomes a dynamic […]


Rovi Customizes ‘TV Everywhere’ Watching

LAS VEGAS – Now that TV Everywhere has been established, the next step is customizing the TV watching experience for the individual user – what Rovi is calling ‘Entertainment Unbound’, says Andy Townsend, senior product manager at Rovi, in an interview with Beet.TV at NAB. Entertainment Unbound aims to evolve the TV Everywhere initiative by working […]


Adobe Targets European Markets for Primetime

CANNES — As part of its general rollout of the Adobe Primetime platform for TV Everywhere, the tech giant is focusing both on US and global territories.


Adobe Adds HLS Support to Flash, Sees Huge Jump in Authenticated Streams

CANNES — In a move that that could widen the reach of TV Everywhere, tech giant Adobe added full support for the HLS streaming media protocol to its flash player, Steve Allison, Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe, tells Beet.TV during an interview at MIPTV 2013. “That’s a huge change to the workflow and it makes […]