It’s not porn, it’s not file sharing, yet many media agencies equate news with these unsavory categories – and they are keeping their distance and limiting ad spend.

The threat to news is not the lack of journalists, it’s the way news is seen by advertisers, primarily by the agencies who evaluate the medium, declares Jon Steinberg,  CEO of the DailyMail, North America, in this interview with Beet.TV. He wrote about this topic in blog post earlier this week.

While there has been pushback against news by some media agencies, the DailyMail has won the advertising from a number of big brands which run adjacent to news articles on the DailyMail, he says.

Steinberg, former president and COO of BuzzFeed,  joined the DailyMail last June.  In this interview he talks about the publisher’s recent Digital Content NewFront, the growth of video on the site and how it is monetizing video on Facebook and YouTube.

Steinberg says the DailyMail is the largest English language newspaper site in the world.

We interviewed him earlier today at the LUMA Partner’s DMS conference, where he was featured in a fireside chat with LUMA CEO Terence Kawaja.

In the interview he talks about plans for the upcoming Cannes Lions Festival and activities  there by the DailyMail.

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