FORD LAUDERDALE — It has been a whirlwind couple of years in digital ad technology platforms, with the onset of “programmatic” quickly shaking up the sector. What are the views from one company whose input to the space endures?

“We are in an uncertain time,” according to Nielsen Digital MD Andrew Feigenson. “There’s a lot of fear. People in their entrenched way of doing things are scared to change.

“People who are trying to change things … default to language people don’t understand to explain what they do.

“I’m hoping one of the things we see this year is a sense of rationality… what’s really meaningful?”

Feigenson was interviewed at Beet.TV’s executive retreat by Beet.TV executive producer Andy Plesser.

More about the issues facing the industry, as articulated by banker Terry Kawaja in this article in Digiday.

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