CANNES, France — As video becomes more ubiquitous in brand arsenals, marketers are hunting for ways to innovate in their video content, says Rori Duboff, Global Head of Strategy at Havas, during an interview with Beet.TV about video at Cannes. That could range from partnering with established or emerging artists on content, pushing out new formats, or creating video with new features, such as interactivity, she says.

That’s because brands are moving beyond pre-rolls to craft “modular” video content that lives online, on mobile platforms, and on gaming devices.

“It’s about creating content that is valuable to the lifestyle of people. At Havas, media and creative work closely together on everything from being able to target through programmatic, to creating interactive experience,” she explains. “The challenge is creating content that is unique, interesting and relevant that people want.”

We spoke with her aboard the AT&T AdWorks yacht, anchored just off of Cannes.

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