Campaign Engagement Is Essential: Havas’ DuBoff

In the interactive era, just raising the initial profile of a brand using a campaign just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore, according to media agency Havas’ global strategy director Rori DuBoff. “I don’t think we have a single client who says, ‘I am happy if you just get awareness’,” she tells Beet.TV. So she is building […]


Havas Dish Latino Digital Campaign Jumps to TV

Some brands are now migrating successful digital ads to the TV set, in a reversal of what was once the trend of repurposing TV spots for online video, says Rori DuBoff, Global Head of Strategy at Havas Digital, in an interview with Beet.TV. Havas recently launched a campaign for Dish Latino around the World Cup and […]


Marketers Look for New Video Innovations, Havas Exec Says

CANNES, France —  As video becomes more ubiquitous in brand arsenals, marketers are hunting for ways to innovate in their video content, says Rori Duboff, Global Head of Strategy at Havas, during an interview with Beet.TV about video at Cannes. That could range from partnering with established or emerging artists on content, pushing out new […]