PALM SPRINGS, CA — Online video and mobile video are among the fastest growing categories at multi-screen video ad tech firm Collective Media, with mobile video 50% of the mobile business, says Travis Lusk, VP Inventory at Collective in an interview with Beet.TV.
This is an evolution from Collective’s genesis in display ads as the company is now focused across platforms and multi-screen campaigns. With this growth comes the need for more inventory. “More brands want to buy GRPs and you can deliver any number of GRPs or demo guarantees, but if we layer on that ‘it must run on these sites’ and ‘be this size,’ it shrinks the pool,” he says. Collective has been focusing on pushing the creation of more premium video inventory across the board to accommodate those targeted buys.
Collective’s focus on mobile video dovetails with the overall industry growth in this sector. Mobile video traffic will grow 14 times by 2018 to account for 69% of global mobile data traffic, Cisco said in its latest report. Video ad technology firm Freewheel TV said in the fourth quarter that ad views on mobile and tablets were up 235% and 365% year over year, respectively.
We interviewed Lusk at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.


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