LONDON – Consumers expect more advertising than is currently being shown across four major devices: mobile, tablet, PC and television, says Tom Bowman, VP of Strategy and Sales Operations for BBC Worldwide.

This information comes from a survey conducted by the BBC at the end of 2012 of 3600 people across 9 countries. To qualify, participants had to have access to news on at least three of the four devices.

The survey asked participants how they thought advertising would be split among the four devices. On average, consumers said they expected 43 percent of advertising to be on television and 53 percent to be divided among the other three devices: PC, tablet and mobile.

“The consumer acceptance of multiscreen advertising was clearly there,” he says. “The expectation of the audience was quite clearly for a greater presence of advertising than is currently being scheduled.”

Bowman says the goal of the survey was to see how multiscreen consumption is happening today. The survey showed that participants expected the same quality and timescale on all devices.

“The end result of this is actually more media consumption,” Bowman says.

Beet.TV spoke with Bowman in this video interview at the Beet.TV Video Ad Strategy Summit.

– Katy Charles