ANAHEIM, CA – In his keynote presentation at VidCon last week, Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback spoke about some of the trends he has seen from top creators on YouTube.

Louderback explained that he’s noticing that "everyone wants to abandon ship" and move their communities off of YouTube.  He says that he’s seen a lot of creators "think about building out their own web destinations."  These creators, Louderback says, are focusing in the wrong area.

The web is "old media," says Louderback.  "If you’re going to think about trying to move your community somewhere you should be thinking about embracing the new ways that people are going to be watching video—tablets, smartphones and smart TVs."

Louderback has seen an increase in mobile numbers among the big online video content creators that he works with, such as Philip DeFranco, who recently joined Revision3.  With these growing mobile numbers, content creators would be making a big mistake not to begin embracing tablets and other mobile devices.

Megan O’Neill