The online video business has made great strides towards using common metrics of GRPs, but don't expect everyone to follow just yet, says Nancy Hill, CEO of the 4As, during a Beet.TV live show at the National Association of Broadcasters' Show in Las Vegas. Even so, deals like the one recently struck between AOL and Nielsen can help brands and agencies better compare apples to apples, she says.

As the head of the advertising agency association, Hill would like to see measurement systems that can help marketers and agencies make the best decisions about where to spend ad dollars and whether they should shift money from one medium to another. Hill also talks about the 4As' Ad-ID monitoring technology to track traditional TV ads and to better manage the insertion of those ads. Soon, she expects third-party dynamic ad insertion, like that used online, will come to TV. Expect more tests and pilots of that technology next year, she tells Ashley Swartz, founder of Furious Minds, who helped Beet.TV moderate this session. Swartz is former SVP and leader of the interactive video practice at Digitas.

This segment is part of a live show produced at the NAB Show in Las Vegas by Livestream. 

Daisy Whitney

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