Programmatic Lures New Lifestyle Buyers, says Zoopla’s Steph Miller

COLOGNE — The rise in programmatic buying tactics is helping the UK-based property portal Zoopla to land new lifestyle-centric brands, says Steph Miller, the programmatic trading manager at Zoopla in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV from DMEXCO. Programmatic advertising has helped lure auto and travel marketers, in addition to insurance and mortgage companies, because […]


Commentary: TV Programmers Need to Own Their Audience

TV programmers need to take control of their destiny via social and digital channels, says Ashley Swartz in this commentary on the state of the business. With the TV upfront getting underway shortly, she urges programmers to seize the opporunities afforded in social media and digital venues. As an example, AMC actively tweets and engages with […]


Xaxis’ Becker: Agencies Need Better Cross-Media Systems

Agencies and marketers want a tighter coordination between measurement of video and other forms of media, says Eugene Becker, VP Analytics at Group M-owned Xaxis, in an interview with Ashley Swartz, in this segment from the Beet.TV Big Data Summit.


Dailymotion Opens Studios in Paris and New York in Branded Content Push

The giant video site Dailymotion, which has worked with marketers primarly as a distribution platform, is doubling down on content production for brands with new studios set to open soon in Paris and New York, says Roland Hamilton, Managing Director of Dailymotion in the U.S.


Digital Video at a Crossroads: A Time of Collaboration & Co-Creation, Analyst Ashley Swartz

VIEQUES, Puerto Rico — Last week, thought leaders in online video advertising came together to discuss the problems, the challenges and the opportunities of the industry at the Beet Retreat 2013.  In this wrap-up video Ashely Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds, discusses the main thematics that came through in the panels and conversations.


Mobility Will Have the Greatest Impact for Marketers, SMG’s Sheehy

LAS VEGAS — Mobility will be the most impactful medium for marketers over the next couple of years Says John Sheehy, President of Global Operations for Stacom MediaVest Group, in this inteview with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz.


Comcast Media Strategist Kavita Vazirani: “Archaic” Audience Measurement has to Change

LAS VEGAS – As video consumption expands beyond television, audience measurement must change, says Kavita Vazirani, VP for Media Strategy for Comcast in this conversation with Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz.


Commentary: Time Shifted Viewing of TV Presents New Opps for Programmers

With an estimated half of television viewing now happening among U.S. television viewers, there will be an emerging opportunity for cable programmers to deliver content outside the convential cable/satellite system, says analyst Ashley Swartz in her commentary for Beet.TV  


Commentary: Microsoft’s SmartGlass “Second Screen” Platform for Xbox Could be Big

Microsoft is readying the launch of SmartGlass, a second screen companion app to the Xbox Live — and it could be a very significant development, says analyst Ashley Swartz in her commentary on Beet.TV


Revelation from Cyber Monday: Online Video is Driving the Transformation of eCommerce

Online video had a profound impact on online shopping decisions on last months’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday, says analyst Ashley Swartz in her commentary on Beet.TV


Commentary: Collaboration, Partnerships Vital for Smart TV Ad Biz, Analyst Swartz

SAN FRANCISCO – The smart TV business and the advertising industry need to collaborate closely on technology, standards and transparency in order for marketing in this new ecosystem to take off. That’s the conclusion of Ashley Swartz in this commentary from the recent Smart TV and Multi-Screen Advertising Summit


Beet Commentary: iPad Mini Could Boost Mobile Ads

Given the smaller size of the iPad Mini, Apple’s latest entrant could be a play to drive meaningful tablet ad revenue, says Ashley Swartz in this commentary on new devices from Apple and Microsoft.


Commentary: The Shifting Valuations of Television vs. Digital Video

The emphasis on TV-like buying digital video using gross ratings points by several portals, is having a big impact on theway media dollars are being spent, says analyst Ashley Swartz in her regular commentary on Beet.TV


Technology Set to Transform Madison Avenue via Programmatic Buying

The programmatic buying and selling of digital advertising is set to transform the way the the ad business operates. It is a “sea change,” says Beet.TV’s Ashley Swartz in this wrap-up of our summit on Video Advertising and Real Time-Buying.


Dispatch from Chicago: Digital Video Growing with “Big Data,” Social, Unique Content

CHICAGO – Big data coupled with highly addressable media, social media and compelling forms of content, were some of the subjects covered Tuesday in Chicago at the Beet.TV Advertising Summit presented by Adobe Video Advertising at the global headquarters of the mega-media agency Starcom MediaVest Group.


Commentary: Big Breakthrough with Amazon’s Kindle HD is “X-Ray”

The surfacing up of actionable metadata on the new Amazon Kindle HD with the tools called X-Ray, is one of most significant, of the new launch, says analyst Ashley Swartz in her weekly commentary on Beet.TV


Commentary: How to Improve B-to-B Online Video Marketing, Analyst Swartz

Much of the online video focus is on consumer-facing brands, but the business-to-business online video market is growing at about 27% year over year, says Ashley Swartz in this commentary on b-to-b online video advertising. She tackles the topic in response to viewer questions.


Commentary: Varied Creative A Must for Multi-screen Video, Analyst Swartz

Ad network Tremor Video inked its first deal for a brand to run spots across four screens with an extension of a TV campaign, but marketers can go further in their multi-screen campaigns by varying the creative more, says Ashley Swartz in her commentary on the multiplatform video effort. The Tremor deal with camera maker GoPro called […]


Commentary: Video Metadata Critical for Online Video Advertising, Analyst Swartz

To make sense of the massive amounts of online video flooding the broadband pipes, the Internet video business is in desperate need of better context, metadata and video SEO. That's the conclusion of Ashley Swartz in this commentary on the state of the business.


Commentary: Social Media Making NBC Olympics Advertising More Valuable, Analyst Swartz

NBC’s ratings for the London 2012 Olympics has passed the 2008 Beijing Games and the broadcaster is finding a surge in last minute advertising at high rates, reports The New York Times.

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