The Financial Times has been publishing online video for the past three years and is set to "invest heavily" in production and technology, according to Rob Grimshaw, head of digital operations for the FT.

Grimshaw told me that the FT is producing 180 new videos per month and averaging one million video views. 

He said the value to viewers is the paper's unique "access" to influencers.  He says the programming has been appealing to advertisers. Videos are free, and not behind a subscription wall.

We caught up at the paidContent 2010 conference in New York earlier this month, where he was a panelist.

Update: The Financial Times released its financial numbers for 2009 and while profits sank, income from digital did well, reports Rob Andrews at paidContent

More Reporting on the FT Next Week

Beet.TV is heading to London this week and will cover the FT Digital Media & Broadcasting Conference

In London on Monday, March 8, we are holding our Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable at the offices of the Guardian.

Andy Plesser