The first blockbuster web series has yet to be born, as Brian Stelter observed in his “New York Times” article Sunday, but there are plenty of content creators trying to change that. Santa Monica-based web production company Generate launched the political satire web series “Republicrats” August 18 and will premiere the second season of dark comedy series “Pink” September 16.

I interviewed Peggy Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Integrated
Sales at Generate, about the series in Manhattan last week. We got an
exclusive preview of the “Pink: Season 2” trailer and included clips of
it in the segment.

Pink received five million streams in its first season,
and a distribution partnership with announced Sunday could grow that number
significantly. The WB’s new online video site will play reruns of
classics like “Friends” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alongside
a handful of original web series. The first season of “Pink” will premiere on the site
September 16, the same day the second season will premiere on and

The second season will explain how star Natalie Cross, played by Natalie Raitano, came to be a contract killer.

“Republicrats,” which is funded by and runs exclusively on MSN, follows the campaign of presidential candidate Sean Masterson, a former weatherman from Fresno, California. The first episode received over half a million streams.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer