Hayden Black is one of a growing group of director/writers/producers in Hollywood who are finding success in original, serialized programming for the Web.  I caught up with Hayden earlier this month.

He talks about "Goodnight Burbank" and his latest hit, "Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary." Abigail, the 13 year-old lead character suffers from a (fictional) genetic disease. It makes her look like a bearded man, who is played by Hayden.  It is a big concept, but it works.  Oh, and it’s not X-Rated at all, that’s just a provocative title.

Hayden told Beet.TV that Abigail is getting some 2 million streams a months.  That’s impressive.  He explains that he is making money by product placements and mentions.

— Andy Plesser