As publishers seek to maximize the opportunities for video advertising on their sites, some are offering prominent thumbnail images, animated banners and custom video players. 

CNET Networks is providing branded video channels with multiple players and companion ads. It has a campaign up for Ford Sync which uses multiple television ads in its proprietary player.  The ads were created for television.  I’ve pasted a screen shot below.  (This advertiser video channel debuted last year.)

At Digital Hollywood last week in Los Angeles, I caught up with Laura Froelich, VP of Marketing Innovation at CNET.  She was on a panel which explored how traditional media can integrate authoritative journalism with community generated content.  (Fellow panelist Jim Brady, Executive Editor of the, created some controversy by suggesting that the identities of readers who comment be identified.)

In this interview, Laura explains the value of integrating user and professional content. Responding to my question about online video advertising, she said that CNET aims to provide marketers with a way to present creative video advertising that is relevant to its audience.

— Andy Plesser

Disclosure:  CNET Networks is a client of Plesser Holland public relations.