In our industry, there has been a great deal of discussion and angst around the viability of video advertising around clips.  How can we "monetize" all this?  Sure, that’s the primary solution for media companies and content creators who have based their business around advertising.

But, the thing is that effective video production and distribution has enormous value and prospects outside the advertising model.  Look at the presidential campaigns and the efforts they’ve put put around videos.  Same for a myriad of non-profits, academic institutions and companies who are seeking to raise their visibility by creating Web video.

The beautiful thing about this online video revolution is that it is not the sole domain of commercial publishers or traditional content creators.   I take a quote from Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson who told me that most bloggers blog for the "economy of reputation."  I believe the same holds true for the majority of online video creators. 

In the video clip on this page, I chimed in on this topic at the Beet.TV executive summit in Washington on April 1.  Following my comments is Shoba Purushothaman, CEO and co-founder of the NewsMarket.  Her company, which has raised some $20 million in venture funding, is a portal for corporate and institutional videos which are disseminated to broadcasters, web sites and blogs.

Cutting Like Crazy at Beet.TV

Here is a shot of our crack editors at Beet.TV toiling away at all the great content we gathered at our recent summit in D.C.  Below are editor Katie Larkin and producer/editor David Kavanaugh. 


— Andy Plesser