The future of effectively indexed online video is "key to the future of the Web," says Adobe’s Mark Randall, chief strategist at the Dynamic Media group. 

Here in Las Vegas at NAB, Adobe made a big step in this direction with the announcement of a new text to speech functionality for its editing software. 

While putting text along video is valuable to video editors, the development has significant implications for the how video will be indexed in the future, Mark explains.   In this interview, he  provides a look at how the future of indexed video will develop and the longterm approach of Adobe. 

We believe that the success of online video will come from proper indexing.  Joost is making some preliminary progress here.  Tim Berner-Lee and his team are pushing for a "semantic" web where entries have distinct locations, sort of a massive "card catalog."  This is going to happen and creating metadata as part of the video production workflow is essential, as Mark points out.

— Andy Plesser