While there’s been some head scratching about the need for Tech Ticker, another online tech/business show, it could be very big.  Its success may come as result of the sheer scale of the audience. The new show is on Yahoo! Finance which has an audience of 18 million unique monthly users, according to comScore.

A spokeswoman from Yahoo! told me the size of Yahoo! Finance "means that Tech Ticker has the potential to become the most-watched content in finance media."

Scale is important, but so is content, of course and we think it’s well done.  We caught up with Tech Ticker’s Aaron Task in New York, who co-hosts a daily segment with Henry Blodget

Aaron left thestreet.com to join Yahoo!. Maybe he will beat his old boss James Cramer, who appears on CNBC, in online ratings?

Sarah Lacy, who is reporting from Silicon Valley for Tech Ticker and Business Week, is breaking news and has cool stories, including this interview with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington.  I’ve posted her interview below. Love the title of this segment, "arringtonaole."   You should watch this one to see the end! Sarah is awesome! Wow.