Co-founders Jason Liebman and Daniel Blackman, along with other Google alumni, have raised $8 million and launched HowCast a  new  company that produces and distributes "how to videos" on a range of topics. 

Recently, Beet.TV visited Jason and Daniel for a tour of their Manhattan offices and to talk about the sector and progress at the company which launched in February.

They explain that content is arranged around some 1400 categories.  Jason explains that creating subject-specific is important to advertisers.  They told me that Jet Blue has become an advertiser for travel-related clips.

The videos are produced in-house and licensed from others.  Also, the company has launched a platform for pro-sumer videographers to apply and submit "how to videos" for pay.  This content creation platform sounds similar in ways to Current TV and TurnHere.

— Andy Plesser