This is astonishing: A tiny New York start-up, bootstrapped by two Brown grads who met in their dorm as freshmen, and $750K in angel money, have created a video platform that is streaming more video clips to women than many huge brands. 

The ranking, which was released by Nielsen Online a few minutes ago, bundles Twistage
with, iVillage Networks and Fisher Price.  Of
course Twistage is not a brand, it’s a video publishing solution. 


David Wadler, CEO and
co-founder was excited to see the numbers. Here’s what he told me:

think that the woman’s market — at least from the video perspective — has
been somewhat under served.  The Nielsen numbers speak to that; it’s a mere
fraction of our overall traffic, but represents a sizable chunk of the video in
that demographic.  Of the live sites that currently use Twistage for
video, I think that and in particular skew largely
female.  We have a few other clients in development that will be
launching/relaunching sites that cater specifically to women."

Monday, launched on
Twistage.  Here is my second interview with David.  He  met his co-founder  David Wegman  at Brown in 1992.  He met up with the  third co-founder Bruce Wang  four years ago. 

this is very exciting!

— Andy Plesser