Dina Kaplan is the co-founder of Blip.tv, a two-year old video distribution and advertising network based in New York.   She stopped by the studio earlier this month for a chat about how the industry is evolving.

Blip has played an essential role in helping independent online video producers to distribute clips in a number of file formats and to make those clips searchable.

Like YouTube and other sharing sites, the service is free to content creators.  The company’s monetization model involves selling advertising around the video clips and sharing revenue on a 50/50 basis.

Beet.TV uses Blip as its primary video publishing and sharing platform.  (We also use YouTube.)  David and I think our videos are looking really good these days, particularly since we’ve  been uploading in the super high-quality H.264 format.

Blip has also been selling advertising for Beet.TV and I am really pleased to say that Dina and the crew have landed Adobe as an advertiser.  Innovative overlay ads, created by Adobe’s ad agency Goodby Silverstein, have begun to appear in all of our 500 videos.  (This is second phase of Adobe’s sponsorship of Beet.TV, also sold by Blip, which began in December and ran for 5 weeks.)

In this interview with Dina, she explains the imperative for the advertising industry and publishers to finalize standards for in-stream video advertising.  She says standardization is essential for our industry to grow.  We agree.

You can find this video here.

— Andy Plesser