This election season has been a been a powerful force in driving online consumption of news. 

Michael Learmonth at the Silicon Alley Insider reported a few days ago on the historic online viewership numbers and video streams at for Super Tuesday.

The folks at Newsweek and their sister publication The Washington Post have been producing a great deal of online video about the the primary. This includes reports from the campaign trail as well as webcasts.

On Super Tuesday, editors and reporters collaborated on a webcast with analysis and reporting which Newsweek’s editor Jon Meacham anchored. 

A spokesperson for the Washington Post Newsweek Interactive declined to provide traffic numbers but said the program was successful.

Tomorrow, for the so-called "Potomac Primary," for the primary races in the region, the company will feature a second webcast hosted by Meacham along with Dan Balz, Chris Cillizza, Marc Fisher Salley Quinn, Colbert King, Jon Cohen among others. The webcast will be up tomorrow from 7-10 EST and will be found here.

A couple weeks back, I visited Deidre Depke, editor of She told me about the integration of video into the newly redesign site.  Until October, the site was part of

Beet.TV was invited to a story conference at Newsweek — and you are there too!

— Andy Plesser