This is inspiring. Gary Vaynerchuk, a 30-year-old wine merchant in New Jersey had the idea to launch a daily web video show where he would taste different wines each day. After two years, he has built a loyal following.  His site has twice the traffic of the Wine Spectator, the bible of wine rating and lifestyle.  Amazing but true.

Gary visited the Beet.TV studios recently to explain how he developed the show and the elements for its viral growth.  Gary makes the point that there is an audience for a range of niche topics and wine is just one.  We agree.   (We insert part of Gary’s show into the clip, so please keep watching as the second half of the interview follows the brief break.)

Pasted below is the most recent Alexa numbers comparing Wine Library and The Wine Spectator.  By the way, the Wine Spectator has some good videos too, but they are not getting the viewership of Gary’s.

Recently Gary did a great Champagne tasting session at Beet.TV.  The bottle explodes!! 


— Andy Plesser