I visited Steven Levy at his Newsweek office in midtown Manhattan today to get the lowdown on the new MacBook Air.  Steven has one of a handful of review units provided to big foot tech journalists.

  • Steven gave the new computer a mixed review on newsweek.com and in the Washington Post, which has just started to publish his articles.  He has a really funny metaphor in the review, something about circumcision technique — and that too much was cut (so to speak) from the computer by the designers.

While its incredibly thin and light, it has no DVD drive and very few ports, he explains in this segment.

More Air Reviews: Ryan Block at Engadget has just posted an extensive and mostly positive review. MacUser takes issue with the inability to watch a DVD.

I was at Newsweek to report on the publications’ greatly expanded video operations.  One of the new shows features Steven is User Notes.  Here’s his video review of the MacBook Air. 

Lots more about Newsweek and video in the days ahead.

— Andy Plesser