Brightcove provides video services for 4000 commercial publishers, which in turn serves video clips to 120 million unique users per month.  Having dropped its consumer facing portal and its business as an advertising network, the company is fully focused on its platform business.   

These are topics covered  in an expansive interview of Brightcove CEO by paidContent’s Rafat Ali, published yesterday.  An essential read.

Surely a big area of growth for Brightcove and its publisher customers is the utility of sharable embedded players.  Meaning, video clips can be published outside of the pubishers site and yet "travel" with ad advertising unit. 

In this interview I earlier this year in Boston, Jeremy told me how the Wall Street Journal is implementing this embed strategy and the opportunities for publishers.

You can grab the embed code of this interview right here.

— Andy Plesser

Disclaimer:  Brightcove is presently a sponsor of Beet.TV