The New York Times marketing folks have uploaded this video of Natalie Portman to YouTube.  Over the past day, it’s received some 180,000 views.  It’s the third most watched clip today.

The video of the Portman, who is hailed "Screen Goddess," is part of  The Times’ launch of "T" the new, glitzy Web site of The New York Times Style Magazine.  It was produced by Grand Large/NYC.  Here’s a review of Flash-heavy site in Mediabistro.  Gawker weighs in on the new site too.

The new site includes a number of videos.   Although  highly stylized, the videos are simple, with  Times reporters  credited by not heard or seen.  Portman is interviewed off camera by Lynn Hirschberg.

The Times has had a YouTube channel up for some time. 

And, yes, Natalie Portman is smart, candid and, yes very beautiful.  A very different celebrity clip, indeed.

— Andy Plesser