Microsoft is "placing a big bet" on the proliferation of IPTV services around the globe and is partnering with 20 major service providers in providing infrastructure and services,  Dan’l Lewin, told Beet.TV

In the United States, Microsoft is partnering with AT&T u-Verse.

Lewin, is Microsoft’s point person in Silicon Valley where he heads the company’s strategic business initiatives and relations with the venture capital community. 

Dan’l gave the keynote address at the NewTeeVee conference earlier this month in San Francisco.  I caught up with him to chat after his speech.

How will the IPTV "bet" play out — and will Microsoft succeed in the video space? For a cogent analysis, check out this recent article by Business Week’s Peter Burrows titled: Microsoft IPTV: At Long Last, Progress.

— Andy Plesser