Danny Rimer, the 36-year-old ex-pat, London-based VC has "colonized" Europe with hugely successful investments in Skype and the much anticipated Joost. He was recently crowned the "Venture Capital King of Europe." 

091007_drimer50Along with his three brothers, he runs Index Ventures, a VC fund that focuses on European technology companies.  Danny is known to many in the States for his work as an Internet analyst at Hambrecht & Quist and as a partner with the Barksdale Group.

He is one of five young VC’s, 40 and under, who have just been named by The Deal’s Tech Confidential as "Early Stage Stars."  The others are Jason Green, Josh Kopelman, David Weiden and Tim Chang.

Yesterday, I visited the offices of Tech Confidential where I interviewed editor Alain Sherter.  Alain explains who Danny exemplifies the what makes venture capitalists successful.

Matt Marshall over at Venture Beat ranked Danny as one of the top five young VC’s under 40 earlier this years.  Looks like Danny’s on everyone’s hot list.

Grab the embed of this interview.

— Andy Plesser

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