KarasidebarpictureKara Swisher, who has been writing about technology for the Wall Street Journal for 10 years, weighed in today in favor of eliminating the subscription charges for the Journal. 

There has been quite a lot of speculation that Rupert Murdoch will convert the Journal to free, ad-supported.  We shall see.

Swisher is Cool Video Blogger

On the new "All Things Digital" blog, Kara and her her colleagues are doing quite a lot of video blogging.  I really like their presentation in which a video is accompanied by commentary.   

Here’s a very interesting post of Kara’s visit to Reuters’ world headquarters in London. (Clip is below.)  She has an interview with Reuters CEO Tom Glocer about the future of digital media and the news biz.  (A little better production values might work — tripod and external mic — Kara, won’t you take me to London next time to help?)

Timesman has Sharp Dow Jones/Murdoch Video


New York Times reporter Richard Perez-Pena recently joined the Times media crew where he has been writing extensively on the News Corp acquisition of Dow Jones.  Check out this video report that was published as the agreement was being finalized last week.  I think he provides a good summary and presents well. He also seems to have something of scoop of getting WSJ staffer E.S. Browning on camera, castigating Murdoch and his intentions to own the Journal.

When I interviewed Kara Swisher back in May in Hollywood, on the day the News Corp takeover was frist reported, she was quite negative about the Murdoch acquisition, but things change as reflected in her post today.

— Andy Plesser

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