There’s been quite a lot of talk lately about the the emergence of overlay ads in the form of "bugs" and "tickers," types of online video advertising which are inserted for a period of time into the video stream — mostly at the bottom.   

The Wall Street Journal had a terrific story yesterday on all this by Kevin Delaney and Emily Steel.  (subscription)

We think that overlay ads, particularly "bugs" which allow users to activate ads if they are interested, is very exciting.  Well, there are plenty of "bugs" in the new Adobe Media Player.  We had expected to see the beta this summer, but sources at Adobe tell me the release will come later this fall. 

Here on Beet.TV, we have a very cool demo (above) of the new media player and its bugs, provided by Adobe’s Craig Barberich when we caught up with him in May at Streaming Media East. Adobe will have more to say about the new player at Streaming Media West in November.   

Here is a screen shot of a demo — can’t wait to see the real thing!


— Andy Plesser

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