Scottkirsner Great article today by Scott Kirsner in the San Jose Mercury News about how the availabilty of metrics to bloggers and can lead to obsessive behavior over traffic and Technorati rankings.

Well, this isn’t shocking, of course. There are important tools to track our audiences which were only available to major publishers and broadcasters just a few years ago.  Now, we can see who links to our blog, how much traffic we have and where it comes from. 

But, yes, it can become addicting. I go a little crazy myself, with my BlackBerry bookmarked to my Technorati rankings and TypePad traffic logs.  I also love to watch my Alexa traffic charts! Scott reveals much of this sordid business in his story.

A few months ago, I spoke with uber blogger Steve Rubel about Technorati rankings and depression. He made me feel much better. The interview is below. The first half of the interview is about newspapers, the second about depression and Technorati rankings:

Subscribe to this One: For all of us in the online video space, reading Scott Kirsner’s blog Cinema Now is essential.  (So, please visit his blog,  boost his metrics and make him happy this Memorial Day Weekend, hahaha.)

— Andy Plesser

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