One of the most spectacular online video players can be found at It was introduced just last month and and has attracted quite a bit of attention. The player shows remarkable, full-screen high quality.  And, it loads quickly.

It’s not Flash, it’s not Windows Media and it’s not distributed on P2P.  It’s a new kind of streaming media from a small company in Utah, Move Networks.  In addition to powering, the company’s platform powers the snazzy Fox TV channel on MySpace.

Beginning in July, will start to stream HD quality video on the player.

Last week at the Streaming Media East conference, I caught up with Move’s Jim Ericson who fills us in on how this works.  The company uses the new VP7 codec from On2 Technologies to encode a wide variety of file formats.  He explains that video is broken up into "streamlettes" which are somehow reassembled by the end user.  Check out this interview. 

— Andy Plesser

Full Disclosure:  On2, which is referenced above, is a client of Plesser Holland, the public relations firm that publishes Beet.TV

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