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Here’s my second interview with John Caplan, President of Ford Modeling, the world largest and best known modeling agency. As we discussed in the first post, Ford is providing scores of models with camcorders and handling uploading to YouTube, Revver and other video sharing sites. 

Ford’s channel on YouTube is becoming quite popular.

Sure Ford has huge name recognition and models make for popular viewing, but companies and institutions of all sizes can create an online video presence. They can make their exisiting sites more rich with video — and they can create videos of products and services that can be searched. I address these opportunities in the current issue of Ziff Davis’s CIO Insight magazine.

My Q&A is a sidebar to an article by Ed Cone on this topic: the strategy of companies and organization building online video platforms. Ed explores the Ford Motor Company, the John Edwards presidential campaign and Colgate University.

Andy Plesser

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